The bankruptcy of Argo Blockchain? ARB share price plunges 60% as fundraising plan fails

Argo Blockchain is a bitcoin mining company that primarily uses renewable energy – Photo: Shutterstock

Argo Blockchain’s Renewable bitcoins (BTC) the mining business no longer appears financially viable after a fundraising method collapsed.

The mining company signed a “non-binding” letter of intent with a strategic investor in early October to raise around $27 million. However, it was revealed on October 31 that the deal fell through.

Despite pursuing alternative fundraising methods, Argo (ARBgb) stock has fallen 57% since early October. This followed news that the company was struggling with the crypto bear market.

Argo Blockchain (ARBgb) Stock Price Chart

Argo’s financial difficulties

On October 7, Argo announced that it was pursuing several different fundraising methods to maintain a positive bank balance. These were “intended to provide additional capital to the business and to ensure that the company has the necessary working capital to execute its current strategy and meet its obligations over the next twelve months”.

CEO Peter Wall revealed that Argo is struggling with high electricity prices combined with the low price of BTC. He said in a video posted to Twitter that this “results in a slight price drop for Argo.”

Three different strategies were outlined in the statement to address this issue. The letter of intent was signed to amend an equipment financing agreement, which was to release $5.7 million of restricted cash. It also revealed plans to sell 3,400 mining rigs for around $6.8 million.

Finally, the most significant contribution to fundraising came from a plan to subscribe for shares with a strategic investor. However, it was recently revealed that this $27 million deal fell apart.

Argo said it no longer believes this agreement is valid on the previously announced terms and the company is exploring other options. He also issued a grim warning and said:

“If Argo fails to secure additional financing, Argo would become cash flow negative in the near term and would have to scale down or cease operations.”

ARB share price

Despite some peaks and troughs, Argo’s price on the London Stock Exchange has struggled since 2021, according to the trading platform.

This was fueled recently following news of Argo’s financial troubles. After hitting a slight peak at 35.5p on October 4, its stock price fell throughout the month.

The price fell to a low of 13.35p on October 18, a drop of 62%. But it recovered slightly and closed on October 28 at 4:25 p.m.

Argo is still awaiting a full investor response to news of its failed fundraising deal, as it is both listed on NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange.

After falling to 4.13p shortly after the LSE opened today, Argo was trading around 8.5p in London at the time of writing. At the same time, in premarket New York trading, Argo was trading at $1.21, down from its closing price of $1.97 on Friday.

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