Pepins: News from the Kale United portfolio company

Kale United is currently raising new capital via, where the plant-based holding company intends to raise up to SEK 25 million. The fundraiser is open for another 2 weeks, until October 13, 2022 you can subscribe to new shares. Since September 15, almost SEK 10 million has been obtained from more than 350 shareholders.

Kale United’s portfolio consists of over 75 Scandinavian and global plant-based companies. Among these companies, we want to highlight some company news that have come to market recently.

hung food

[Link]Hooked Foods is a Swedish impact company that has developed plant-based substitutes. Initially a tuna mix, but now expanding the offering with Salmoonish, Toonish and Fish-ish sticks, which are expected to replace fish sticks in the long term. All three products will be available in major grocery stores from week 39. Hooked was founded in 2019 and is currently completing its €10 million Series A. Kale United was an early investor in Hooked Foods along with Brightly Ventures and Swedish artist Danny Saucedo.

[Link]Mycorena is an innovative company based in Gothenburg developing the next generation of vegan mushroom proteins. In 2021, Mycorena in collaboration with Peas of Heaven launched a vegan sausage called The Converter. Now they are taking another step in the collaboration and launching 4 new herbal products and thus also entering the freezer section. The new products will imitate burgers, meatballs, chicken fillets and fish fillets. Kale United first invested in Mycorena in 2019. In spring 2022, the company closed a SEK 240 million Series A funding round – the largest ever Nordic funding round in alternative proteins.


[Link]Heura is a plant-based company from Barcelona that Kale United first invested in in 2020 and had a follow-on round in 2021. Heura’s first product was chicken nuggets and now they are launching two new products – fillet Chicken and Long Burger. Earlier this year, the company raised €4 million via crowdfunding in just 12 hours. In July this year, it was reported that sales growth was 93% year-over-year. The company sponsors the FC Barcelona women’s team.

The pack

[Link]London-based food tech company The Pack, which produces planet-friendly pet food, is now launching three fish, chicken and meat alternatives for our four-legged friends. The pet food industry produces 64 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. The company has previously raised capital from, among others, Veg Capital, but also football players such as Chris Smalling and Kevin Stuart.

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Karen J. Nelson