Company News: Creso Pharma; Wellnex Life; Zyus Life Sciences; Emyria; MGC Pharma; Rua Biosciences

Creso Pharma

Creso Impactive, the wholly-owned Canadian life sciences subsidiary of Creso Pharma, has named professional golfers Kelly Whaley and Will Wilcox and sports performance coach Troy Van Biezen as brand ambassadors.

Impactful Brand Ambassadors (left to right) Troy Van Biezen with Tiger Woods, Kelly Whaley and Will Wilcox. Source: Creso Pharma.

Each has an established social media following which the business will leverage to increase product awareness and potential sales.

Under the terms of the agreement, the ambassadors will help Impactive’s marketing team create a library of unique branded content including videos, photography, social media post templates and sponsored content.

Impactive’s Managing Director, Brett Ayers, said: “We believe that as more leading athletes and the clinicians they trust come forward in support of CBD, and specifically for support Impactive, we will be able to leverage these relationships and grow our name. in the sports area.

Meanwhile, another Creso subsidiary, Halucenex Life Sciences, has applied to expand the scope of its Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of psilocybin on treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder.

If a modification of the clinical trial authorization (CTA) of the trial is granted by Health Canada, the company will be able to include patients treated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors without requiring them to stop taking their medication prescribed one week before the test.

An expanded CTA would provide Halucenex with more comprehensive trial data and allow a wider range of patients to participate.

Wellnex Life

ASX-listed Wellnex Life has announced a 50/50 joint venture with OneLife Botanicals to manufacture, distribute and sell medical cannabis and hemp products.

George Karafotias, CEO of Wellnex

As part of the deal, Wellnex will acquire a 4% stake in OneLife once it registers a Schedule 3 product for over-the-counter sales in pharmacies.

Wellnex CEO George Karafotias said: “We are aiming to produce a medicinal cannabis product suitable for the Special Access Regime market by the end of this year and aim to have a registered product in the Schedule 3 market by the end of CY23.”

Last week it was announced that OneLife had acquired MediPharm Labs Australia in a 6.9 million Australian dollar deal.

Zyus Life Sciences

Canadian company Zyus Life Sciences has completed its first shipment of cannabinoid oil formulations to Australia for sale and distribution through the Special Access and Authorized Prescriber programs.

Three oils – high CBD, high THC and balanced – will be available in pharmacies across Australia as the company begins to expand its distribution network.

Zyus also conducted a Phase 1 clinical trial in the evaluation of pain in human osteoarthritis (HOPE) in Australia, studying its soft gel Trichomylin as a treatment for chronic pain.


Emyria and the University of Western Australia have advanced drug discovery and development, expanding their proprietary library of MDMA analogues to 19 additional compounds.

This is the third batch generated since the formation of the partnership and brings the size of the library to over 125 new MDMA-like compounds. Further design and synthesis is underway, guided by the results of the selection.

Three priority drug discovery areas have been identified: drug-assisted psychotherapy for major mental disorders where shorter-acting MDMA may be desirable; new small molecule treatments for neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease; and treatments for non-neurological disorders where selective activity at peripheral serotonin receptors is of interest.

Further tests are planned to identify lead compounds in each focus area.

MGC Pharmaceuticals

MGC Pharma has appointed Robert Clements to the newly created position of Chief Commercial Officer.

Based in London: Angela-Marie Graham, new Chief Financial Officer of MGC Pharma

With expertise in rare and chronic disease market development, Clements will oversee and lead the company’s key business functions, including business development, marketing and sales.

He has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, most recently serving as Vice President of Business Development within Rare Sciences International Rare Drugs Division.

The move completes a restructuring of key management positions at MGC Pharma, including the creation of a UK-based corporate team.

The company has decided to appoint a London-based chief financial officer due to the growth of its manufacturing and research operations in the European Union and Israel and Angela-Marie Graham has now taken on the role. Managing Director and CEO Roby Zomer is also moving to London.

The ASX-listed company has been dual-listed on the London Stock Exchange since early 2021.

Rua Biosciences

Retirement: Rob Mitchell, CEO of Rua Bioscience

Rua Bioscience CEO Rob Mitchell will retire in September after nearly three years in the role. Board director Anna Stove will lead the company as chief executive while the board seeks to appoint a new CEO.

Rua Chairman Trevor Burt said: “Since his appointment in February 2020, Rob has been instrumental in building a world-class team and developing new strategic partnerships.

“Under Rob’s leadership, Rua has obtained the necessary certifications and licenses to enter the New Zealand market and develop new market opportunities.”

Mitchell added, “I am proud of the milestones Rua has reached over the past few years, particularly the successful transition from a co-founder-led company to an NZX-listed company, the development and launch of Rua’s first product and the establishment of New Zealand’s first compassionate access. program.”

Karen J. Nelson