Company News: Bod; Neurotech International; Emyria; Creso Pharma

Bod Australia

Bod has received US Hemp Authority certification for its CBD extract and CBD products sold in the United States under its CBII brand through Health and Happiness Group.

Jo Patterson, CEO of Bod

The US Hemp Authority is an independent self-regulatory body for the national hemp and CBD industry. Its certification program is an industry initiative to ensure the highest standards, best practices and self-regulation to build consumer and retailer confidence in hemp and CBD products.

The 12-month process included third-party verification of Bod’s CBD extract, rigorous lab testing for contaminants and THC limits, and ensuring that synthetic cannabinoids were not used, that the labeling was correct and the lots were traceable to the original hemp plant material.

CEO Jo Patterson said the certification “adds to the growing list of regulatory recognition of Bod extract which has already been validated in the UK and US” and would “provide consumers with increased confidence in [our] some products”.

Neurotech International

Neurotech International has appointed Nemean Group founder Dr. Thomas Duthy as a consultant specializing in investor relations and strategic business development.

Nemean provides corporate advisory and investor relations services to the life sciences and technology sectors.

Before starting the business four years ago, Dr Duthy was head of business development and investor relations at Sirtex Medical, which was acquired for A$1.9 billion by CDH Investments in September 2018, the largest medical device acquisition in the Australian company’s history.

Dr. Duthy will also join the board as executive director in September.

Meanwhile, current non-executive director Mark Davies has been appointed chairman of the board, replacing Brian Leedman who has stepped down to pursue other corporate interests, effective immediately.

Thanking Leedman on behalf of the Board, Davies said, “Brian…has led the company through a period of significant growth both in terms of the clinical development of our lead strain NTI164 and appreciation of the course of the action.”


Emyria and the University of Western Australia (UWA) have received positive test results from a third batch of MDMA analogues sent to Eurofins for testing.

Emyria MD Dr Michael Winlo

All 19 compounds passed the screening test at the concentrations tested, with no evidence of significant interaction with any of the enzymes or cellular receptors (“anti-targets”) that may be associated with adverse clinical side effects.

Some 125 compounds have now been created and successfully screened under Emyria’s drug discovery program, including 45 new MDMA analogues created since the start of the collaboration with UWA.

Emyria said several preclinical programs are underway to assess the potential of a select group of high priority compounds to become registered drugs.

Chief Executive Dr. Michael Winlo added, “These latest positive screening results will help guide the creation of the next batch of new MDMA-inspired compounds for our drug discovery pipeline.

“[They] will also help inform avenues for moving to preclinical screening in our three high priority areas; next-generation psychedelic therapies as well as potential treatments for unmet neurological and non-neurological conditions.

Creso Pharma

Halucenex Life Sciences, a subsidiary of Creso Pharma, has taken the penultimate step before its psilocybin clinical trial can go ahead after obtaining a Health Canada amendment to its clinical trial authorization.

Creso MD and CEO William Lay

The phase 2 trial will assess the effectiveness of psilocybin in treating symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The amendment will allow groups of patients already using other drugs for the management of PTSD to participate in the trial, if selected by Halucenex, and will allow the company to collect data on the use of the psilocybin along with other pharmacological treatments.

Halucenex has made final submissions to the Ethics Review Committee and expects to receive a decision soon.

Creso Pharma Managing Director and CEO William Lay said, “This clinical trial has the potential to unlock a new, natural alternative to current pharmacological treatments used by people with PTSD, while unlocking a new market for the company.

“We continue to liaise with our ethics review board, potential patient groups and all clinical trial staff and expect to administer the first doses to patients in or around September 2022, subject to the ethical review approval.”

Karen J. Nelson