A lot of optimism surrounds the results of the lupus trials

  • Kezar Life Sciences has reported a successful trial for a lupus drug.
  • KZR stock soared more than 90% on Tuesday to trade as low as $11.02.
  • KZR stock price found support around $10.14, up 75%.

Kezar Life Sciences (KZR) announced a breakthrough Monday evening that today regarding a drug to treat Lupus nephritis. Results of the second phase clinical trial evaluating zetomipzomib showed “positive and leading results”. Shares of the biotech stock opened 90% higher at $11.02 but then fell closer to $10, still up 75% in the first hour.

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“The first results of MISSION phase 2 show a clinically significant global renal response to zetomipzomib after 6 months, without high-dose induction treatment. Patients in the trial also experienced reductions in extra-renal manifestations of lupus. tolerated and steroid-sparing – all important attributes for patients with autoimmune disease who are often young and active,” said Noreen R. Henig, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Kezar. “Based on these results, we plan to continue developing zetomipzomib for patients with lupus nephritis, as well as evaluating development opportunities for systemic lupus erythematosus.”

The two main achievements highlighted in the study were:

  • “11 of 17 patients (64.7%) achieved an overall renal response of 50% or greater reduction in urine protein to creatinine ratio (UPCR) at 6 months”
  • “6 of 17 patients (35.2%) achieved a complete renal response, including a UPCR of 0.5 or less at 6 months”

This is quite impressive since the drug had few significant side effects. Lupus affects about 1.5 million people in the United States and about 5 million worldwide, according to the Lupus Foundation of America. About 90% of cases are found in women. When lupus attacks the kidneys, it is called lupus nephritis.

Kezar Life Sciences Stock Forecast

Right away, the graph tells us KZR Stock is in an uptrend. The 9-day moving average has moved above the 21-day moving average and not just because of Tuesday’s massive spike. It looks like a slow and prolonged uptrend started with the range bottom on June 13th. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) has moved in the right direction with the MACD line at the top of the signal line.

KZR stock price must now close the gap created on May 4. To do so, it needs to climb to $11.65, the May 2 low. Watch how KZR evolves and where they find a base of support on Tuesday and Wednesday. it may take a week before another rally is sustained. Support is at $6.

1-Day KZR Chart

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