5 Winning Stock Chart Templates

First a confession.

My father was a Certified Financial Planner and “dyed in wool“value investor. No wonder for a guy born during the Great Depression.

And yes, I was his esteemed student who quickly embraced these value and fundamentals driven approaches to investing.

So why the hell am I writing an article: 5 winning stock chart patterns?

Because in my 40 years of investing, I have learned, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is more than one way to invest successfully. And it’s hard to ignore the outperformance that comes from proven momentum and technical analysis strategies.

What opened my eyes was the reluctant admission of one of my fundamental investing heroes. I am referring to the Nobel laureate in economics, Eugene Fama.

He is best known for his work on the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH). And the simple version of this widely followed model is that it is very difficult to beat the market. These results are what drove a generation of investors toward index funds as their best chance at maximizing returns.

However, he and the other EMH scholars speak of a series of anomalies. These are the rare exceptions to the EMH that actually lead to outperformance.

In fact, momentum is “the biggest challenge for (EMH)” according to Eugene Fama.

This is where the two worlds of investing, fundamental and technical, begin to blend beautifully. This is because the real underlying catalyst behind most major stock moves is fundamental in nature.

For example, a positive earnings report with a high forecast can spark a fire under a headline for a 2-3 month streak of serious outperformance. And that these outperforming stocks have a way to extend their run into the future as long as the fundamental picture remains positive.

This vital relationship is what led me to buy StockNews.com with its proprietary POWR rating system. Because it really is one of the best models for finding out which stocks are experiencing the strongest momentum.

Yes, but here’s the catch!

With today’s update to the POWR Ratings model, there are 2,093 stocks rated buy (A and B).

That makes sense as there is plenty of momentum to be found in a market that has rebounded 45% in the past three months from March lows. But that makes picking out the 5-10 that go into your wallet a very time-consuming process.

We have already created a solution to this problem with my newsletter, the Reitmeister Total Return. This is where I watch night and day to reduce these stocks to 5-10 manageable positions for subscribers. However, this portfolio is based on my fundamental view of the world.

For those leaning more towards technical analysis and the precision timing found in proven chart patterns, then the help you are looking for is on the way. Thursday July 16and. This is when one of the most renowned traders in the world, Christian Tharp CMT, will unveil his presentation: 5 winning chart templates.

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Here’s an abbreviated version of what you’ll learn on July 16and an event.

  • Quantitative models, like POWR ratings, exist to help you quickly find stocks that are dominating the market.
  • The best of these trades is found by overlaying proven chart patterns.
  • The keyword above is “proven”. This means that most chart patterns don’t really work consistently. So Christian will share 5 patterns that consistently find the best trade setups.
  • In the end, you can easily limit yourself to 5-7 of the most expedient stock trades.

All this and more awaits you on July 16and webinar featuring two of the world’s leading trading experts, Christian Tharp CMT and Adam Mesh.

It’s 100% online. And 100% free.

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I wish you a world of investment success!

Steve Reitmeister

…but everyone calls me Reity (pronounced “Righty”)
CEO, Stock News Network and Editor, Reitmeister Total Return

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